GSoC Progress

Last week has been quite dull after the mid term evaluations. The week started off with me trying to improve the documentation and a home page for it. While the latter went pretty smooth, the documentation is quite baffling. Most of the source code was quite well documented and small hacks with the Doxyfile seemed to produce the proper results. Nevertheless, there were cases (quite a few) where the results seemed out of place. While struggling with the docs, I also started working on the libyui-gtk-pkg package. This package provides the libzypp plugin for the libyui-gtk module. This has been separated from libyui-gtk package so as to make it platform independent. I am nearly there on getting this package to compile. A day or two should be sufficient, I guess.

By the end of last week, I switched over to writing examples for YUI in the hope that it would give me further insight into what a developer might expect from the docs. After a few not-so-great ideas, I settled on an IRC client written with YUI. The library to manage the IRC protocol is self-implemented and is complete. At this point in time, it handles only conversations and a single channel. This is very small compared to the span of the IRC protocol. But since the main aspect of the example is to showcase YUI as a UI library, I guess the features are sufficient.

About N.B.Prashanth

I am an engineering graduate currently pursuing my Masters in Embedded Systems. Computers and programming form a big part of my life. My interests include : Programming, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, Circuit Design and Embedded Systems.

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