YUI moves to SourceForge

Over the last month, libYUI has significantly expanded. It is an independent framework and is avalable outside the SUSE framework making it accessible to a wide audience. This has resulted in the project having distributed content on the web. For example, the source code is maintained at gitorious.org (currently svn.opensuse.org) and the documentation at docs.opensuse.org etc. YUI does not have it’s own mailing list and the issues are still being dealt with on the yast ML. Considering all this, we thought that it would be good to have a central place where from all the resources can be accessed. Thus, we bring to you, sourceforge.net/projects/libyui/.

This means that :
1. YUI has it’s own bug tracker. Any bugs/feature requests should be reported at the sourceforge page.
2. YUI will not maintain it’s source code at SF as we are already porting the code to gitorious.org.
3. Current release tarballs can be found at the SF downloads page.
4. Mailing List for YUI can be found at libyui-devel@lists.sourceforge.net. This can be used for all YUI (not YaST) related discussions.
5. Webpage for YUI along with examples and links to external resources will be up soon.
6. Forum for YUI related topics is available at SF.

So, stay tuned to sourceforge to keep track of YUI!

About N.B.Prashanth

I am an engineering graduate currently pursuing my Masters in Embedded Systems. Computers and programming form a big part of my life. My interests include : Programming, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, Circuit Design and Embedded Systems.

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